Jeff Gore for Mayor of Huber Heights!


My name is Jeff Gore and I am prepared to be YOUR next mayor!

If you've taken the time to find this website then it is my hope that you will take a few more minutes to let me speak to you directly.  In the coming months you're going to be hearing from different candidates working to earn your vote to be the next mayor of our community.  Please stay awhile and read further to find out why I'm the right choice to lead our city into the future.

My Story, Our future,


     What I'd like for you to know about me is that I'm your neighbor and I'm very passionate about the image and future of our city.  I'm vested in this community because it's not only my home but it's where I grew up.  Like many of you a large part of my identity is being from Huber Heights and I wear that badge with pride.  I attended Huber Heights City Schools and believe that I am extremely fortunate for not only the education I received here but also for the lifelong friends I made as well.  We are a strong community, and we are a compassionate community willing to help when our neighbors and friends are in need.  We have so many things here to be proud of and I believe that we are on the brink of so many more good things to come.  We are all a product of our environment to some extent and I couldn't be more proud to be from Huber Heights. 

     It is my sincerest wish to play an integral role as mayor to making our community safer, and a better place to raise our children and grandchildren.  I want to help create an environment that is business friendly so our existing businesses can thrive and encourage new businesses to make Huber Heights their home too.  I believe we have a future of unlimited promise and the opportunity to create a quality of life for our residents that will be the envy of our neighboring cities.

     I believe in building a better relationship between our schools and our city government.  The truth is that you can't have good schools without responsible government and you can't have the city you deserve without quality schools.  The success of both is intertwined and dependent on one another and we must work to strengthen those bonds by making sure that everyone involved understands how we help one another.   More importantly ....this isn't just polished political speak.  I have the relationships to accomplish this, and I will.

     If you share my vision for our community then I urge you to connect with me so we can make that vision a reality and not something we just sit around and talk about how nice it would be....only if.