Jeff Gore for Mayor of Huber Heights!


     I am a strong proponent of future growth in our city, and believe that growth can happen in both areas of our city north and south of I-70. 

     Right now the two areas of our city appeal to all of us on different levels.  We have local shops and restaurants that we visit both north and south of the interstate.  Most people that pass our city via I-70 stop at either Brandt or Old Troy Pike and frequent the businesses that are most convenient for them to get back on the highway and continue with their travels. 

      I am a firm believer that if we want the southern part of the city to redevelop and grow we must make the center of town a destination place for those travelers along the I-70 corridor.  We must give them a reason to travel along Brandt and Troy to get to the center of town. If our current population of residents were enough to support the kind of growth we needed for a revitalized downtown we would have already experienced that growth and we just haven't. We need to look at the economics of the situation and do something different if we expect to see different results.

     I'm supportive of smart public / private partnerships when it comes to infrastructure spending to provide the proper growth engine we need in all parts of our city.  We have to believe that we're worth investing in to send the message to area and regional developers that we're open for business and we're stronger than ever. 

Planning and Economic Development